The data contained in this site is free. If you plan to use downloaded data in a publication, please contact us. We will let you know, at that time, if we feel we should be co-authors on the publication or if the data only needs to be acknowledged. Please notify us in advance of submission of a manuscript so that this can be agreed upon. You should acknowledge the data source as a citation if the data is published, or in the acknowledgements if it is unpublished. Please also provide us with pre-prints and publication status periodically.

Sallie's Fen

We have collected meteorological, CH4 and CO2 manual (since 1989) and CO2 automated fluxes (since 2000) at a temperate wetland located in Barrington, NH (Lat and Lon). Metadata and metereorological and flux data for 10 manual collars and 10 automated chambers are available on our anonymous ftp site.

The collection of this data has been supported most recently through NSF’s Long Term Research in Environmental Biology: DEB- 0316326 LTREB: Climatic and Biological Controls on the Carbon Gas Flux of a Temperate Peatland. PI, Patrick Crill.

Harvard Forest

We have measured temporal and spatial patterns of soil CO2 flux across a hydrological gradient from wetland to upland soils at Harvard Forest in Petersham MA. A system of 8 automated opaque chambers were installed in 2003 along a hydrological gradient on the northeast margin of the "Beaver Swamp" north of the EMS tower (+42.537755,-72.171478). Two additional clear chambers were installed in the wetland in 2006. The resulting semi-continuous data has been providing a high-temporal density characterization of soil flux during the growing season since 2003. Soil temperature and moisture were recorded in the litter, organic, and mineral soils during 2004 at three locations along the slope. The data and metadata are available from the Harvard Forest data archive.

Bartlett Forest

Data and metadata available for Bartlett Experimental Forest are automated chamber measurement of soil CO2 flux (2007 and 2008), soil (5cm)and air temperature (2007 and 2008) and soil moisture (2008). This research is supported by NSF: Collaborative Research: Relationship between Carbon Allocation to Mycorrhizal Fungi and Organic Nitrogen Use in Temperate Forests DEB-0614266 (PI Erik Hobbie and co-PIs Serita Frey, Scott Ollinger and Ruth Varner).

Thompson Farm

Autochamber data is available on our anonymous ftp site.